With support from the general community for its annual events, grants, significant gifts, and the service provided in pro-bono and by volunteers, the Community Courtyard Board of Directors is able to meet increasing budget expenses to further develop, operate, and maintain the magnificent facility that represents the 'heart' of the community. 

Table Fair

The annual Table Fair, is luncheon for the community to come together to celebrate unique designs created by each of the table hosts for the pleasure of seven guests.  Created by a board member and the wife of a board member who have a flair for producing tasty salads and beautiful deserts, the Table Fair does exactly what they had envisioned.  It brings the community together to celebrate good food and good times in the company of friends.

Period Dinner

One of the many fundraisers hosted by the Community Courtyard has been the Period Dinner to support the Clinton County Historical Society, The Community Courtyard hosts this annual fundraiser that benefits both organizations.  From the 1850's to the Roaring 20's living history comes alive in the food, decor, costumes, music, dance of an earlier time.  

Grants and Gifts

Funded in the beginning by a state tax credit program, the Community Courtyard Board of Directors implements an Annual Individual Gifts Campaign and submits grant proposals to foundations and government entities.  In 2015, it received a Missouri Humanities Council grant in partnership with Clinton County Historical Society to assist in the expenses of the inaugural Period Dinner celebrating the 1850's.

Significant gifts from an anonymous donor and the Woodward Estate also funded the completion of the elevator, the upstairs kitchen, and the purchase of additional tables and chairs.


One is never too young to reap the benefits of giving back to the community in service.  Gower Dynamites 4-H Club members pictured have helped prepare and serve at the Table Fair. Giving back in more than leadership, each of the Community Courtyard Board of Directors voluntarily fills the roles and responsibilities of their position  Each brings talents that benefit the organization in many ways from carpentry to grant writing.

The Community Courtyard could also benefit from your talents, please thoughtfully consider volunteering or providing pro-bono services.